After Community School....Exciting Careers Around the Country

Community School alumni enjoy exciting successful careers throughout the country. They are doctors, lawyers, professional artists and musicians, teachers, counselors, researchers and business executives. Some of the positions they have held include:


Options trader for Charles Schwab (CO)

Design consultant for urban transportation systems (CA)

Budget analyst (VA)

Technical director for a professional dance company (NY)

Professional painter

Filmmaker (CA)

Owner of a national video production company (VA)

Practitioner of alternative healing therapies (CA)

Software engineers (DC, OR, CA)

Director of Neonatal Nursing at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Environmental consultant (PA)

Jazz musician (British Columbia)

Foreign exchange analyst for Wachovia (NC)

Piano tuner & martial arts instructor (VA)

Professor at the University of South Florida

Employee of the Audubon Zoo (LA)

Actress (CA)

Musician with the band “Old Time Relijun” (WA)

Conflict mediation specialist at the New Century College of George Mason University (VA)

Environmental liability analyst (CT)

Employee of Federal Department of Labor (VA)

High school English, social studies, and Latin teachers (VA)

Attorneys (VA, DC, NY)

Restaurant owner (NY)

Auditor for Advance Auto Parts (VA)

Professor of English & Creative Writing at Virginia Union University

Advertising agency account supervisor (NC)

Professional photographer & property assistant for television & film productions (CA)

Fisherman (AK)

Owner of a landscape architecture and land use company (CO)

Network administrator (VA)

Marketing, fundraising and management consultant

Engineering consultant

Research assistant at National Institutes of Health (MD)

Freelance writer and marketing professional (TX)

Engineer for the Texas Environmental Agency

Sales engineer for General Electric

Theater light designer (NY)

Psychology researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital

Foster care caseworker

Osteopathic physician

Newspaper Reporter (VA)

Investment Banker (TX)

Pediatrician (TN)