After Community School....Making a Difference in the Global Community

At Community School one of our goals is for our students to become responsible and active world citizens with a zest for learning and a passion for using information to solve problems. Our alumni are committed to public service and strive to learn about and make a difference in the global community. Examples of their efforts include:


Participant in a medical clinical training program in Africa

Student Conservation Association volunteer helping to maintain national parks

Environmental work with the Northwest and Southwest Youth Corps

Southwest Virginia Food Bank volunteers

Habitat for Humanity volunteers

Program coordinator for Mexico, Peru & Bolivia at IPAS, a nonprofit international women’s health organization

Peace Corps volunteers in Nicaragua, Tanzania and in Ghana doing HIV/AIDS education

Organizer of international programs in India

Founder of Concerned Regional Youth (CRY) for Earth, a regional environmental network

Chair of the Midcoast Chapter of NOW

Teachers of English in Jaharta, Indonesia and Taiwan

Virginia Outdoors Foundation environmental specialist

Study programs in Australia, England, Russia, Bolivia, Egypt, Venezuela, Israel, Spain, Eastern Europe,

Guatemala, Hong Kong, Scotland, Wales, France, Costa Rica, Jordan, Morocco, Ecuador, Honduras, China, and Japan