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Community School Financial Aid


Community School offers limited need-based tuition assistance. Please read through the information in the link below and contact the Director of Admissions for additional details.

2017 Instructions for Applying for Financial Aid and FAQ About Our Financial Aid Program

Follow the link below to the School and Student Services (SSS) by NAIS website to complete the financial aid application.

Financial Aid Application Online  - Community School Code: 2683


Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship

Tax Credits Program


The Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credits Program offers support for low- and middle-income families to send their children to a school of their choice using private scholarships from scholarship foundations. Interested VEISTC applicants and donors can visit for details about this state-wide program.

VEISTC Scholarship Applicants:

Recipients of the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarships must meet specific income guidelines established by the state. Students must also meet other eligibility requirements based on Virginia residency, age, prior public school attendance and/or prior receipt of a VEISTC scholarship.

Please visit the website listed above to determine if your child qualifies, then contact the Community School Director of Admissions by email or phone (540-563-5036) for information on Community School's participation in this program.

VEISTC Scholarship Donors Can Receive Significant Tax Benefits:

Through the VEISTC program, you can help provide scholarships for Community School students with high financial need and receive significant tax benefits that substantially lower the real cost of your donation. Donors to VEISTC foundations can receive a 65% state tax credit for their donation in addition to tax deductions for their charitable gift. Donors can also specify the school they wish to receive the scholarship funding.

Community School is working with The Anabaptist Scholarship Foundation to provide scholarships for our qualifying students. All donations go directly to the foundation and must be preauthorized by the state in order to qualify for a tax credit. The foundation then awards the donated funds to Community School students.

Interested donors should contact The Anabaptist Scholarship Foundation at 540-820-8633 or for detailed information and the preauthorization application. Donors can also contact Community School's Executive Director for information on our partnership with The Anabaptist Scholarship Foundation and our participation in the VEISTC program.