Get Your Strawberry Fix!
Community School’s Strawberry Festival offers a wonderful variety of strawberry delights. Each dessert is hand made to order by a festival volunteer. Take advantage of an expedited line when you purchase your tickets in advance.

Strawberry Shortcake “The Star of the Show”
Homemade traditional shortcake is topped with vanilla ice cream, smothered in sweetened berries, and topped with real whipped cream.

Adult and Child Sundaes
These are just what you’d think, vanilla ice cream topped with a mound of our sliced and sweetened strawberries and real whipped cream.

Berries and Cream
​This is the choice of the true berry purist.
Fresh sliced and sweetened strawberries capped with an airy crown of real whipped cream.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Scrumptious strawberries dipped in luscious Ghiradelli chocolate. ‘Nuff said, Yum!

Strawberry Smoothies
Sweetened strawberries pureed with purified water and ice.