Certified Schoolyard Habitat

CS Campus is a Certified Schoolyard Habitat

Thanks to the hard work of two CS middle schoolers, Community School is once again a Certified Schoolyard Habitat! To achieve this certification, the students had to show our campus has food and water sources, places for animals to take cover and raise young and examples of CS’s commitment to protecting wildlife through sustainable practices. As part of this independent study project, the students completed all the required research for certification, drew a map of our campus and created a presentation. They also led Wildlife Scavenger Hunts for our younger students. This project not only put the students at the center of the learning process, but was a great example of a key tenet of our “Big One” guiding rule… to treat our environment with care. Through the scavenger hunt, they were able to educate other students about wildlife on campus and illustrated why we should take care of our surroundings.