Kindergarten (Ages 5-7)

Community School’s kindergarten program is designed to allow children the time and space to engage actively with their environment and experience the joy of discovery. Students develop a love of learning through our flexible curriculum that offers an abundance of outdoor unstructured free play. Our program features enrichment classes including drama, movement, mindfulness, music, Spanish and art, and time to explore who they are. Curiosity is a significant part of cognitive growth and our students enjoy the opportunity to grow at their own, developmentally-appropriate pace.

  • Multi-age groupings of 10 to 12 students
  • Multiple-year looping of students with the same teachers
  • Recognition of different learning styles, levels of ability, and rates of development that allows students to progress at their own pace
  • Active, hands-on, project-oriented learning
  • A test-free curriculum with assessment based on observation, class work, projects, and homework
  • Quarterly parent/student/teacher conferences to review portfolios, set individual goals, and assess progress
  • Thematic learning, including the integration of art, music, drama, and technology into the core curriculum
  • Spanish language and culture studies
  • Two to four daily outdoor recess periods
  • Service projects and a peaceable school philosophy
  • A curriculum that emphasizes creative problem-solving, analytical thinking and communication skills over rote memorization and testing.
  • Buddy programs pairing younger students with older student mentors for regular classroom activities