Virginia’s Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits (EISTC) Program

Through Virginia’s Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit (EISTC) program, you can help provide scholarships for Community School students. Donors to EISTC program-approved foundations can receive a 65% state tax credit for their donation in addition to federal or state tax deductions for their charitable gift. (Subject to rules governing deductability of charitable contributions.) Simply stated, tax deductions reduce your taxable income, while tax credits reduce your tax bill.

Community School is working with The Community Foundation  Harrisonburg-Rockingham to provide scholarships for our qualifying students. All donations go directly to the foundation and must be pre-authorized by the state in order to qualify for tax credits. The foundation then awards the donated funds to Community School students.

Save on State and Federal Taxes

When you make a donation through Virginia’s EISTC program you receive a tax deduction to reduce your taxable income and a tax credit to reduce your tax bill.

Minimum and Maximum Donations

  • Minimum donation for individuals: $500
  • Maximum annual donation for individuals and married couples: $125,000
  • There is NO maximum donation for businesses

Interested donors should contact CS Executive Director Linda Roth for detailed information. To determine if your child is eligible to receive a scholarship visit Virginia Department of Education website then contact Community School’s Director of Admissions. Learn more about The Community Foundation Harrisonburg-Rockingham here.