Community Fund Appeal 2016

We recently kicked off our Community Fund appeal campaign with the “Community News” publication. We have already begun to receive donations from our current and alumni families.

The Community Fund helps support teacher continuing education, classroom equipment and supplies, educational technology, and scholarships. For the current academic year, tuition and other fees will only cover about 88% of our school’s operating expenses. The Annual Fund exists to close part of this gap, with the remainder being made up by Strawberry Festival and other fundraising activities.

In the past several years the Community Fund has been used to purchase a new school van, pay for our staff to attend seminars and workshops, and most recently, to replace all the computers in the technology lab. Please take a look at the article “What is the Annual Fund” at for more information about why this is such an important part of our yearly budget.

Each year we strive for 100% participation. Please remember, it is not the size of the gift that matters, but that you do give. Your gift is a vote of confidence in our school and no amount of support is too small.