January 6, 2015

1) Kate Bondurant, who attended CS during elementary and middle school, was on the CS campus in December volunteering in our classrooms. She is in the second year of her master’s in public policy at the University of Virginia and holds a bachelor’s in political science from the University of South Carolina. For her master’s thesis, Kate will be working with the Piedmont Council of the Arts connecting under-represented groups with the local arts scene, devising a plan to increase the participation of those groups in arts events. She interned last summer with the High Lantern Group as a corporate consultant and speech writer. After graduation, Kate plans to explore opportunities in teaching and working with nonprofit organizations.

2) Isaac Anderson (Seminar class of 2010) is living in New York City and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in acting at Pace University. He graduated from Patrick Henry High School. Before leaving for New York this summer, Isaac sent a letter to our Spanish teacher, Elena, talking about his experiences on our Bolivian Exchange Program:

The Bolivian exchange program was the most eye-opening, important experiences of my life to date. It taught me independence, social skills, and world knowledge that I would never have known… I am SO happy and LUCKY that I was able to have that experience at such a time in my life. To have an adventure that really opens your eyes to the world is rare, and I remember departing the airport from America as one person, and arriving home as a completely changed human, for the better. I don’t know where I’d be without this experience. The relationships and knowledge I gained were priceless, and the stories as well. Even though I had toured the world with my family even before the exchange program, I never EXPERIENCED it like I did in 8th grade…Thanks so much for everything Elena! I will never forget the gift you have given me.”