October 1, 2014

 Julianne Strange Lemon (in photo above with Kevin Thomas) is seeking contacts with her CS classmates from 1971 to 1975. CS alumni from that time period can reach Julianne at jlemonster@gmail.com. Of her memories at CS and her current life, Julianne sent the following:

I will say what I have always said about the impact of Community School on me:  After falling into the cracks of Public School I was so relieved to get the personal attention at CS. I was not particularly able to apply myself to anything other than art and in particular pottery, but my eyes were opened to new possibilities for the first time. Meeting people who were intelligent and cared about learning was certainly new to me at that time.

Of great importance to me is my family. My daughter, Olivia Lemon age 23 is currently working and attending New River Community College. My mother, Nona Strange who taught pre-school at CS has just had her 85th birthday and lives with my brother (Steven Strange) and my sister (Dr. Di Ross) here in B’burg.  I live alone with three cats and love it. I enjoy landscape gardening and grow a few vegetables. I am retired now, having previously been the In-School-Supervisor at Blacksburg High School.

Photo of Community School students dressed for Halloween from 1972 or 1973. Provided by Jeffrey Lorber. Featured from left to right: Sandy Holland, Eddie O’Brien, Joel Woods, Rickey Lustig, Barbara Bertkewiecz, Charles Bolden, (on floor) Micheal O’Brien, Marc Todd, John Huddleston, Mike Bertkewicz, Roberto Hopkins, Mitch Todd, Ayn Cates, and Kurt Weiss.