October 6, 2009

Congratulations to Jared S. who was recently chosen as Rookie of the Year (best new poet) at the 2009 National Poetry Slam competition in West Palm Beach. About 68 teams of 5 to 6 members each competed. Jared’s team, Urbana Slam, was from New York City. He will head to Berkeley, California, this week to perform in the Individual World Poetry Slam. Jared currently lives in New York City where he pursues his passion for performance poetry while trying to break into the theater/dance/performance world in sound support and sound design. He attended CS for 8 years (Seminar class of 2000). Hear a July 2009 podcast featuring Jared on Indiefeed Poetry at http://castroller.com/podcasts/IndiefeedPerformance/1153371.