Some Bright Spots at CS

Dear Families and Friends of Community School,

Last week was our first week back after spring break. Many of the older students began their on-line classes with a more structured schedule, and the younger students began to experiment with some video conferencing with Zoom. Please continue to be patient and understanding with teachers and students as we adjust to this new format. Our goal is not to accomplish everything we had planned for the rest of the year, but to offer stimulating learning experiences, and to nurture and support our students during this challenging time.

Memorable moments from last week:

  • Seeing the creativity and energy of our teachers as they prepared packets and lessons
  • Reading comments about the preschool students’ excited responses (some brought to tears) when they saw each other on Zoom
  • Watching videos of staff reading stories, making pizza, or reviewing lesson instructions
  • Hearing that, after a student survey, 75% of the middle school students felt working from home was going well and 87 % like spending time with their family
  • Positive feedback from parents and board members complimenting what we are doing
  • Receiving donations from alumni and current families to support the school after hearing that Strawberry Festival was cancelled

The pandemic has upended our traditional day, but has not dampened our enthusiasm to teach, to provide high-quality educational opportunities or to strengthen our social/emotional connection to our students and families.

Since 1971, we have learned to adapt and innovate to meet unexpected changes and downturns. We are confident we can work together to confront and solve the current challenges that have arrived at our door.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or other staff if you have questions or concerns. 

May you stay safe and healthy,