Adjusting to Our New Reality and Exploring New Ways to Connect

Dear CS Families,

We hope that the past week has allowed some time to adjust to our new reality. It is not easy for any of us. Teachers have been thinking about their classes and designing new lessons, but most importantly, they have been exploring new ways to connect with your children. We grieve the loss of personal contact and our daily infusion of enthusiasm and energy from them. Their joy of discovery inspires us, and we want them to continue to feel excited about the learning process and about their world.

You should be receiving emails from classroom teachers outlining their plans and letting you know when packets with additional materials and supplies will be available this week. If you are not able to come to school, contact me and we will make a different arrangement.

Please realize that the work we are sending (except for middle school students working to receive high school credit) is a guide, and you and your child can decide how to approach the assignments. School work can be a useful part of your daily routine, which should include a balance of activities. If the work is overwhelming or frustrating for your child, let us know and we can provide different opportunities for them. We know that children learn in different ways and that every experience they have can teach them something new. They can always benefit from real-life applications.

Our administrative team is meeting regularly to maintain the day-to-day function of the school, but please note that our offices, like our classrooms, are closed. Our on-campus presence will be intermittent; however, we can be easily contacted through email or by calling school and leaving a message.

Let us know how we can continue to support you during this time.

Take care and stay safe,



Linda P. Roth
Executive Director