First Annual Founders’ Day Celebration

Our founders wanted to create a real community of caring people and this year’s Founders’ Day celebration was a great way to bring our families, alumni, board members and staff together. The gathering recognized the ideals of our founders and served as a kick off, not only to the school year, but also to our upcoming capital campaign, “The Next 50”.  A big thank you to alumni Rhona Levine and Mark Finney for telling their stories and letting us remember and reflect on where we came from. Hiren Patel, our Board of Trustees Chair, shared the vision for deepening our roots and cultivating our future at Community School. We look forward to hearing more details of The Next 50 campaign in the coming months. We are grateful for the many people who came out to support us, Jason Hill and Five Dollar Shake providing live music, and the board and staff members who made this event happen. What a wonderful way to start the year!