Alumnus Accepts Research Director Post in Ecuador

Alex Bentley with one of his most favorite creatures in the world.

Alumni in Focus – October 2018

Alex Bentley and Matt Bentley

Alex and Matt Bentley are best friends, and they also happen to be brothers. They recently completed a 2850 mile bicycle trip from Canada to Mexico, all without the aid of cars or other assistance along the way. It has been a few years since either were students at Community School (“CS”), but that hasn’t kept them from being a part of the campus. Alex (Seminar class of 2008) graduated from Wofford College with a BS in Biology and BA in Spanish last year, and has been an adjunct faculty member of the CS Middle School since shortly after graduation. He has taught various science classes, a cultural elective class on Ecuador, and of course has brought a few snakes to school. But that is all just a temporary gig, because he was recently offered a position as the Research Director of the Sumak Kawsay In Situ Center for Environmental Formation in Ecuador. The station is located in Canton Mera of Ecuador’s Pastaza province. His job will involve coordinating and facilitating research expeditions in the Río Anzu region of the Ecuadorian Upper Amazon, as well as facilitating visits for ecotourist groups. He will also be helping implement a volunteer program in which volunteers will stay for anywhere from one week to six months working on a variety of long term conservation, agriculture, and research projects. Alex will be moving to Ecuador in January to start his new job. Matt (Seminar class of 2010) graduated from Berry College in May with a BS in Environmental Science and a concentration in Geology. He will also be moving to Ecuador with Alex this winter to work as a guide and research associate at Sumak Kawsay In Situ.

Matt Bentley biking almost 3000 miles from Canada to Mexico

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