January 3, 2012

1) Rylin L. (Seminar class of 1996) is currently in graduate school in Portland, Oregon, studying physical therapy. Her brother, Jesse L. (Seminar class of 1991), teaches English at Franklin County High School.


2) Emily F. (Seminar class of 2003) graduated from Marlboro College this year with a B.A. in creative writing, children’s literature, and biology. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she loves her job as a shift supervisor and legal assistant at a homeless shelter. She is thinking about the possibility of pursuing graduate education in mental health counseling or law, but plans to work for at least two years before deciding. Her sister, Beth F. (Seminar class of 2001), who holds a bachelor’s degree in screenwriting from North Carolina School of the Arts, is currently applying to schools in Austria to study German. She spent some time last year working at a hostel in Germany. Beth hopes to become a Spanish and German book translator.