May 25, 2010

1)  Congratulations to the following CS alumni and current CHS students on their success on the National Latin Exam: Latin III/IV Poetry – Lucas S. (Magna Cum Laude) and Yasmine A. (Cum Laude), Latin I – Alex P. (Maxima Cum Laude) and Logan K. (Cum Laude).

2)  An addition to the March 31 update on Becca M.: She has accepted the offer from Yale University for graduate school.

3)  Congratulations to the following members of the Seminar Class of 2006:

    • Ciara P. who is graduating from Emma Willard in New York and will attend The University of Mary Washington in the fall.
    • Sean R. who is graduating from CHS and was accepted at American University, The University of Mary Washington, Fordham University, and Concordia University in Montreal. He will be attending Fordham.
    • Lucas S. who is graduating from CHS and has accepted an academic scholarship offer from Randolph College for the fall. He was also accepted at Hood College.
    • Austin B. who is graduating from James River High School and will attend Randolph College this fall.
    • A.J. E. who is graduating from CHS. A.J. will be attending Washington College this fall.