New Expectations

October 27, 2020 — As the weather becomes cooler and the cars are warmer, the temperature readings for students have become less accurate. Since, it is a helpful part of the health screening and we would like to continue to have it checked, we are shifting that responsibility to families to be done at home before you leave for school.

Beginning on November 2, we will add a third question to the morning survey which will ask you to record the temperature for your child. We appreciate all you doing to keep your child healthy and protect our community from an outbreak.

Our COVID-19 Working Group, under the leadership of  Dr. Hiren Patel, is currently evaluating new information released by the CDC and VDH to help us determine the risk level for our community and be able to provide parents ongoing updates on the health status of our campus. It is our hope that it will be another way to remind us that interactions off-campus affect all of us. Look for this information in upcoming Quick Notes and on our COVID Updates web page.