The Gift of Time

Our philosophy at Community School places the child at the center of learning. We individualize instruction, offer a range of educational experiences to allow students to explore a subject in many ways, and value the whole child. We understand that academic, social-emotional and physical development are equally important. We also recognize that each child has a unique timeline for developing and mastering skills. 

Our multi-age classes allow us to form strong connections between students and teachers but also acknowledge that skills are improving each year at different paces. Our elementary levels offer flexibility in how the age ranges are grouped. Looping (keeping students with the same teacher for two or more years) is an integral part of our program and all of our students will loop at different levels during their elementary and middle school years. Looping is not staying back but meeting developmental needs and actually moving forward at a rate that works best for each student. 

We believe looping benefits students by providing consistency and security, as well as the opportunity to take on a leadership role during their second year with a teacher. It builds confidence for students and encourages them to take on new challenges.  

We encourage families to take advantage of the upcoming information sessions for the middle and upper elementary levels. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or Linda  if you have questions or concerns about placement for next year.