Thoughts on Balance and the Close of Another School Year

This year our theme was Balance. Our staff embraced this because we realize how important it is in our lives and also it is a vital component in educating the whole child. The only constant in life is change. We have to be able to see this as an opportunity and not a crisis. Community School embraces traditions and we strive to uphold our founders’ visions of creating a space for joyful  learning  and providing what  is best for our students. We do a lot of things to hold on to our history: Name skits, our fall and spring festivals, student led conferences, and museums to name a few. All of these activities have evolved and been modified over the years to better fit who we are today.  We know that the world is changing and we constantly need to rebalance and reprioritize. 

Helping our students handle the pace of events and the ups and downs of life is an important step to becoming independent and self confident. We often think that if we can eliminate the bumps in the road, and minimize the stress of everyday life for our children, they will be happy.  If we take over their troubles, we never allow them to find a solution on their own or believe that they can solve a problem.   We need them to find their inner strength and that requires that they navigate on their own at times and that they have some failures along the way. 

Community School allows children to problem solve, to test their decisions and then to revise their plans.  It balances the academics with social-emotional  development to help them grow into resilient and resourceful adults.

As we close out the school year, it is gratifying to see the growth of each student over the years and to recognize that all the small steps along the way prepare our students to take a huge leap.

To our graduating seminar students, I want to share a quote by Rumi that I have reflected on this year.

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

I want you to let go of the fear of the unknown, let go of the negative self-talk, let go of the grudges and the disappointment of missed opportunities.

I want you each to hold on to your beliefs and your dreams. Hold on to your core values and who you want to be.  Hold on to your friendships and nurture them.  Hold on to your memories of your time with us and let them remind you of where you came from and our belief in who you can become. 

Thank you parents for letting us share your children this year.

Linda Roth

Executive Director