A Trail Blazing School Year Welcome from Linda Roth

Last Friday at Community School was a great night to picnic, dance, jump rope, swing, dig in the sand, try out the new basketball hoop, eat ice cream, watch your t-shirt being made, reconnect with old friends and welcome new families. We were happy to have Logan Hollandsworth back on campus to play the banjo with his dad, Jeff.  We appreciate all the people who made this event happen and we send out a big thank you to everyone who came back to share the evening with us. It was a wonderful way to begin the year and to remind us of the importance of community.

It is a Community School tradition to unify our academic year with a school-wide theme.  A shared focus brings us together with an integrated curriculum and encourages contributions from all members of our community. This year’s theme is Trail Blazing.

The staff considered a range of topics for the classroom including inventors, innovators, activists, explorers, geography and mapping, orienteering, the Appalachian Trail, leave no trace, pioneers and homesteaders, diverse literature, immigration, women’s rights, transportation and the Artisan Trail.  2019 is also the 50thAnniversary of the moon landing, Woodstock and Sesame Street, which were all trail blazing events.

Throughout the year, students and staff will be encouraged to set personal goals that challenge them, and support taking a risk and leaving their comfort zone. We will work together as we walk new paths, listen to different perspectives, and discover ways to be our best selves. The Big One: Treat yourself, others and your environment with care, will continue to guide our behavior and help us to be good friends, generous colleagues and respectful citizens. Students will be given the chance to mentor others, take part in community service and develop leadership skills.

As we close the second week of school, we know we are off to a great start! Fall Festival is just two weeks away. I can’t think of a better way to embrace this year’s Trail Blazing theme.