Expanding Circles

A Look at our Theme for 2023-24 School Year…

In June, our staff met to discuss the theme for the upcoming year. The theme is integrated throughout the curriculum and provides the opportunity for staff to collaborate across all levels and subject areas. After some engaging discussion about our school needs, we selected the theme Expanding Circles.

We talked about the idea of circles allowing everybody to be seen and included, but added “expanding” to make sure that they are not closed circles, but ever-changing. Circles, cycles and revolutions are so much a part of science, art, music, mathematics, movement, language and humanities. We brainstormed possible projects connected to spirals, waves and ripples, labyrinths, tree rings, Fibonacci patterns in nature, spider webs, drum circles, and wheels or gears. As a school, we will continue to expand our circle through community involvement and encourage our students to find new ways to provide outreach. We invite our families to consider the circles in your life and welcome you to share an interest or area of expertise with a class.