Happy New Year and Welcome Back

January 5, 2021

Dear CS Families and Staff,

Welcome back to school. We hope that you had a wonderful time over the winter break and look forward to having you back on campus. 

We worked very hard during the fall semester to keep our staff and students healthy. We appreciate all you did to protect the community by quarantining and isolating when necessary and also keeping us informed of possible exposures. The number of positive cases of COVID was low (2 students) and allowed us to keep the majority of our students on campus. 

As we return to school, we are aware that the positivity rates in the near southwest region continue to rise and range from 13-24% according to the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) daily locality metrics.  We do not want our school community to mirror these rates and need everyone to help us keep our exposure low so that we can stay open. 

Please continue to monitor the health of everyone in your household and do not send your children to school if they are not feeling well or have been exposed to someone with symptoms or a positive diagnosis for COVID. Keep us informed if a student or family member has a positive diagnosis and contact your healthcare provider if you have concerns or questions about symptoms. The best safety procedures at this point continue to be hand washing and/or sanitizing, wearing a mask outside the household, and staying at least 6 feet away from people.  In addition, limit your interaction with other people outside your household, do not participate in large gatherings, and avoid meeting in poorly ventilated closed spaces. 

We will inform you of any new COVID cases at school involving our staff or students.  You will be notified directly if you or your child has been in close contact with a positive case.  We will continue to follow the guidelines set by the VDH for quarantine (stay home for 14 days after the date of last exposure to a person with COVID-19) and isolation (stay home for a minimum of 10 days and symptoms have improved) for anyone who has a positive diagnosis. 

Thank you for all you are doing to support us and each other during this time.

Stay safe,
Linda P. Roth
Executive Director
Community School